4th shooting day, pineapple juice

Pineapple juice (Munanansi) on 29.02.2020

We went to Mr. SSebuliba in the village called Kitovu. On reaching there, we found them ready. So the gentleman and his two kids (a boy and a girl) startet preparing for the "munanansi". To me, this was very amazing, because I had never seen it before.
Actually I used to take this juice from our local shops, but I didn't know the process they go through to make it.
We discovered that as the pineapple juice is being cooked, they add lemons, ginger, tealeaves and sugar during the preparation.
Mr. Ssebulibas family served us with jackfruit, which was so sweet, especially for our friends, who hadn't tasted it before.
OOH, not forgetting the sugarcane as well...
If I'm not mistaken, we finished shooting at around 1 pm and went to "Home again" Restaurant, where we got a very delicious meal and some Softdrinks. From there, we had an evening walk around Masaka town and also went to Mwala Hill, where we saw and shoot a clear view of Masaka Town.
All in all we had an amazing day, because of the mixed feelings about walking long distances and all the other interesting informations and encounters.

by Flavia Nalusembo