5th shooting day at market

Pineapple Marketing
This is a day, that came immediately after the refreshment we all had the whole day on Sunday.
This time round, we woke up bit late and we delayed to be in our meeting point.
But anyway this was a cool day of which we all moved to the market of Nyendo to view the happenings of pineapple selling in the market.
On our reaching - our to the inconsistencies in the market, there was a hulabaloo made by market traders after seeing the musungus (or "white people"). There were a lot of activities going on in the market.
The lady nicknamed "Hajjat Muto" gave us full time of no "Malice".
She was given an interview about her course in her market production of which we think that it will bring out a clear view of the documentary.
To express our sincere smug satisfaction and our gratitude for the time, "Hajjat Muto" gave us. As a team, we decides to buy some pineapples from her and at the end, we were all happy. And that marked the end of our documentation on that day.
by Livanga Emmanuel