first shooting day in Uganda

Tuesday, 26.02.2020

We wake up at 4:00pm in the morning to prepare for the day. We had a heavy breakfast and at 6:00 pm we set of to Luwero district or a village called Kikyusa and we met Mrs ?. Who directed us to her garden and we followed her while she was on a boda boda. She led us to her farm/garden where by the road was so narrow of same point, bad, dusty and so bumpy.

When we reached, she started showing us how her day starts with cooking her food/tea - before she goes to the garden.
When we arrived to the garden it was huge and organized and she explained to us, how she uses the natural method of farming and growing her pineapples.
Most of us tasted the pineapples and they were very sweet and natural.
She continued to explain, how she overcomes the pests and diseases that attack her crops.
We did our shooting and film and by 2 pm we came back and had snacks on the way.
At 3 pm we headed to another direction of Kikiyosa, where we found another group of pineapple growers. They were in a meeting, explaining, how they don’t have a market for the crops and the challenges they face during farming.

Conclusion: It was an amazing day, educative and adventurous and fun, because there was a lot of teamwork between the German group and the Ugandan.

By: Lilian Janefrances Namutebi