third shooting day and a lot of rain

On 28th February 2020,
Friday as a day we carried out shooting in the village called Kyannamukaaka to a man, who is a farmer and also he carries out trading.
During morning we had too much rain and had to wait in a small village under a roof. The rain stopped at around 1:30 pm.
We reached the field and found workers as well as a lot of children. Some of them were also working in the harvesting, just barefoot.
We got a lot of pictures for loading the truck and also the preparing of it.
Also we got interviews with the farmers.
In addition, I cannot forget the children we found there because we enjoyed them really. They could test the cameras and we had fun together. The nicest scenes we got, when we presented them soap bubbles, which made them happy.
In all, I can say, that what I observed on that very day it was really nice.

From Christine